A 67-year-old Chinese woman is pregnant with twins: doctors advised her to have an abortion, but she refuses

If she puts to birth, it will be a new record. So far, the oldest woman to give birth to twins in this country was 62 years old.

A 67-year-old Chinese woman pregnant with twins has rejected the advice of doctors who recommended abortion and says she is adamant on keep the pregnancy, which would make her the oldest woman to give birth to a child.

The woman and her husband, residents of Beijing, lost their only child in a traffic accident four years ago and decided to undergo in vitro fertilization to return to offspring, reports the Beijing News.

The woman, surnamed Zhang, had no more offspring because of the one-child policy then in force in China. After the death of their only child (who was 34 years old), they were rejected in Chinese health centers due to their advanced age.

They both managed to get a hospital in Taiwan that agreed to carryout the treatment so she could get pregnant again.

However, doctors have not been so optimistic and have recommended that she aborts the pregnancy because of the danger to her health.

In addition, the Beijing Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission has informed hospitals and doctors in the city that they should not provide medical care without first consulting the authorities.

Given the criticism and questions about whether she can take care of the children, she says she hopes to live to be 85 years old to see her children reach adulthood. But if she did not survive, she says that her 40-year-old nephew would take care of them.

In China, the law does not impose an age limit for motherhood.


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