After All, Where Is The Female G-spot?

The G-spot has been called into question since its discovery and countless studies have tried to prove (or deny) its existence.

One of the favorable polls is that of the American gynecologist Adam Ostrzenski, who said he definitely found his location in 2012.

Australian researcher Helen O’Connell, on the other hand, assured in 2016 that the pleasure supposedly provided by Ponto G is actually the result of “friction between the inner part of the clitoris , the urethra and the vaginal wall.”

Which one is correct? Good question. But nomenclatures aside, both scholars agree that there is indeed a region within the vagina that can provide intense pleasure to women.

If it’s the G-spot defended by Ostrzenski, or the inner part of the clitoris advocated by O’Connell, it really does not make a difference. What matters, after all, is the erogenous effect of the area .


First of all, know that the penis is not the best tool to stimulate the region. The ideal is to use your fingers.

The G-spot (or the inner wall of the clitoris) is an area about 5 cm above the entrance of the vagina, on the front wall, about the size of a coin.

Its texture is a bit rougher than the fabric on its back. Here’s an illustration to better understand its location:

Where Is The Female G-spot?

How to stimulate the area? Simple. With your finger inside the vagina, fold it toward yourself, as if to make a “come here” movement , and repeat that gesture in a continuous rhythm.

To make her even more excited, you can stimulate her clitoris (with your mouth, while practicing oral sex). Your partner’s chance to reach orgasm is very high.

Now you already know everything you need to excite the G-spot or the inner part of the clitoris (depending on the research you believe and the name you prefer).

But remember the importance of dialogue . What works for one woman is not always the best for the other. Never be ashamed to ask and ask your partner for directions.


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