5 Solar Panel Business Ideas you can start in Nigeria in 2019

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The biggest business opportunities in Africa’s electricity problems are in electricity generation. Although power generation projects can be very intensive, there are scalable and cheap options like renewable energies. Renewable energies are becoming one of the most profitable businesses, as the world is changing its thinking and looking to adopt solar as its renewable energy source to save on electricity bills.

For what you do not know, solar energy is the conversion of solar rays into electricity, either using photovoltaic energy or concentrated solar energy. For both cases, the famous solar panels are used.

Today the demand for solar energy is growing by leaps and bounds, since it can be used in the most remote places in the world. Currently, the African countries with the most demand are Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Namibia and Ghana.

This demand is creating a great potential among different entrepreneurs planning to start any type of business related to solar energy. The good thing about this business is that you can offer a product or services. And although it may not seem like it, there are many ideas to start in this sector.

What business related to solar energy can I start?

# 1. Solar Energy Auditor

For those who do not know, an energy audit is a process of identifying all energy uses in the home or business to determine the amounts of energy used and the costs. This is fundamental for all those who want to install solar panels, although in simple words, an auditor is actually a qualified seller. The good thing about this business is that you do not need a large capital and you can offer services from home.

# 2. Installation of solar panels

Obviously the installation of solar panels is one of the most profitable businesses in the solar energy industry, since one must have knowledge and technical skills to execute the service. This business offers very high income and a great working future, where you can also offer repair and / or maintenance services.

# 3. Solar Repair and Maintenance System

As we know, solar panels need maintenance after installation, and sometimes even have to be repaired. Therefore, this business idea is more aimed at the post sales and installation of solar equipment. As in the installation services, it will be necessary to have experience and technical skills to manipulate both the panels and the electrical installation.

# 4. Solar products distribution

If you do not have enough knowledge to perform solar panel installations, you can start a distribution or commercialization business of different energy panels. As well as the spare parts and the wiring system for the technicians.

# 5. Manufacture of solar products

To take this business idea to a close, a little more capital is needed compared to the previous ones. In addition, a business plan with financial and market projections must be planned. As the title says, the basic idea is to manufacture different solar products, such as panels, rechargers, etc.

Well those were the five solar business ideas, and to finish it, it is advisable to have some experience in the field or to carry out research. Because the idea is to know the local trends in the industry.


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