5 Ways to Earn Money Online in 2019

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A new year brings a lot of possibilities and business ideas especially when it comes to padding your bank account while doing something you love. If you are thinking about venturing into the online world as a way to earn a side or even a full-time income, then read on to know 5 top ways to earn money online in 2019.


Vlogging has taken off as a great way to boost social media exposure and earn money through platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Of course, doing so would mean dedicating yourself to creating video content on a regular basis and the content itself must be something that people will want to watch. If you do it right, you could earn enough to any full-time job.

Content creation

Whether it’s creating PowerPoint presentations, videos or visual designs, content creation is a lucrative avenue for earning money in 2019. For example, If you like taking pictures you can sell photos on stock photography sites like Stockphoto, iStockphoto, 123rf or Getty Image.

You get a commission for every download of a photo in your gallery. Content writing and data entry jobs are still very much in demand as the world shifts to the digital way of doing business, so opportunities for content creation in these fields are also in good supply. If you are musically inclined, you can also create music clips for videos and other types of online media.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing remains one of the most viable business ideas for online earners. There are various avenues for freelance writers from writing for online publications as contributors, as ghostwriters, or as regular staff writers. Content writing continues to till a regular need for organic and reader-friendly content especially with the increased sophistication of search engines that require written content to be original, relevant, and informative.

App Testing

App testing is a relatively stress-free way to earn money on the side. If you have a full-time job but still want an additional source of income without the hassle of the real world then app testing is the right fit. Apps need to be tested by real-world users before they are launched and developers pay testers to test an app for bugs, glitches, security fails and other problems by using it for 5-10 minutes. Join an app testing platform like TesterWork, test enough apps during the day and you can earn a hefty amount of pocket money after a week.

Social Media Management

Independent businesses and companies who want to build a solid online presence often turn to social media managers. The latter takes care of the social media side of the business to boost exposure and ensure conversions as the business owner or entrepreneur focuses on the business side of his or her enterprise. Social media managers can easily make full-time earnings managing one or multiple social media accounts for corporate clients.

There are so many business ideas and opportunities that allow people from all walks of life to earn money online. Mather you are looking for part-time opportunities or want to switch to an online, freelance career full time, you have many options to explore.


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