6-Step Content Marketing Plan to Maximize Results

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Business owners want to stay on top of the marketing techniques that will bring the strongest results. Content marketing has been one of the areas in recent years that can offer a positive ROI, often taking a modest budget to gain significant results. As the amount of online content being produced continues to grow, though, businesses want to know how to make their content marketing strategies work.

There is still a huge demand for quality content, with the result being leads that are primed for a sale. However, it is increasingly important to develop a plan that makes the most of each piece of content. The following content marketing plan can ensure you maximize results and keep people eager to consume your output.

Researching Your Audience

Researching your audience is a good method for all types of marketing. It is wise to periodically look into the type of people buying products from you, joining your email list, reading your blog, and many other factors within your business. The most common method of research is to develop customer avatars or buyer personas. Using analytics data and survey results, you can find out the typical customer you want to attract with your content.

Analyze What is Working

There is a huge amount of data available across every different industry. Rather than just relying on your own feelings, it is possible to look at what your competitors are currently doing, you can use a number of tools that will highlight the most popular content in a niche, for a particular keyword, or on a specific platform. This research will often signal what content is working, while also indicating areas that don’t get high levels of engagement.

Build You Content Plan

Planning ahead ensures you have a long-term schedule for content creation and distribution. You then have enough time to plan the content, setting firm deadlines for completion. Many businesses will have a team working on their marketing, so every team member can follow the schedule. Even if you work alone, you may be outsourcing the content and need to set aside enough time.

Determine Your Primary Content Channels

Along with planning content, you also need to consider the channels you will use. Different types of content will suit different platforms, so a general concept might need to be adapted for a particular site. You may, for example, have a concept that can be adapted for text and video. You may then decide to plan a video for YouTube and an article for your blog. Your earlier research will also indicate the platforms where certain types of content get the best results, using factors like shares, comments, and likes to decide.

Create the Content

You may occasionally have a unique piece of content in mind, but most niches will have a number of broad concepts that people usually discuss. The approach you take, though, can help you stand out. If you are trying to rank in the search engines, look at the top results for your target search terms and work out how you can improve on the existing offerings. Search engines generally want to offer the best quality content to users, whether that involves more detail, an engaging point of view, a combination of media types, or an update based on current news.

Publish and Promote

Content marketing is most effective when you publish the right type of content, in the right place, at the right time. When consumers see your content, they should be primed to take the next step towards a sale. You should also develop a network for promotion, include a number of social media sites and a number of partners who will promote your posts.


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