8 Beginner-friendly Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Many people argue that starting an online business has never been easier. Certainly, the access to affordable software and training means you can get started with a small budget.

There is, however, plenty of competition, so you need to stand out to bring in any substantial revenue. Beginners who are serious about entering the world of entrepreneurship have plenty of options available to them.

Trying to find the right business opportunity is one of the challenges you will face. So, what are the main business ideas that are suitable for beginners?


While e-commerce businesses can be tricky to run, there are accessible ways for beginners to get started. Services like Shopify let you get started almost immediately, providing quality web designs and the necessary back-end operations. One of the hardest elements is sourcing products and dealing with fulfillment. However, there are apps that let you drop ship items without needing any warehouse facility of your own.


There is a high demand for quality content across all niches. If you can target a niche where you are not facing too much competition, your site can become an important resource on the web. It is also possible to operate in more competitive niches, but you need to offer something different to make a mark. A blog can be used as a starting point for other businesses, with the opportunity to build an email list and promote products.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a popular way for beginners to get started with online business. Affiliates can focus on driving traffic to an offer, avoiding product creation, fulfillment, and support. The best affiliates use pre-sell techniques to improve the conversion rate, often building email lists to promote multiple offers. You can, though, just fans on finding targeted traffic and earn a commission when a sale takes place.

Amazon Publishing

Amazon let you publish Kindle books directly on their platform. The main benefit of this is you can tap into the huge audience browsing Amazon on a daily basis. If you can promote your book well, it can quickly rise up the rankings and gain further exposure. While the prospect of writing an entire book may sound daunting to some, there is also the option to create shorter books for children, novels and journals. You can also sell them on Nigeria’s popular eBook platform OkadaBook.

Facebook Groups

It is often assumed you need a website to build a business. While it might make sense to build a site, you can use a Facebook group as the central sales hub. You can promote products and services on your Facebook group through affiliate and referral marketing.

If you truly want to make money through affiliate you promote items that are related to the group’s objective. For example, you can’t promote hair extensions deal in a group about app development. Another to earn on groups is by placing ads in the group.

If you have an active Facebook group with 10,000+ members, you can solicit advertising and sponsorship revenues.

You can also generate advertising revenue from instructors and internet marketers with a group announcement that reads:

“Advertise in This Group

“Advertise your eBook, Website, Blog and Seminars in this group.

“Rate: N5,000/ week, N9,000/ 2 weeks, N20,00/ month.”

Social Media Marketing

For those that are social media savvy, especially the young at heart. You just need to learn how to use social media applications and tools to get maximum visibility.

You can start a business helping business helping companies, personalities, religious organizations, NGOs and government agencies establish and manage their social media presence. Help them with their Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media advertisement campaigns. You can also help event organizers create buzz about their events on social media.

Apart from making money from charging to manage social media accounts and running social media campaigns for people, you also make good money by organizing seminars to teach small business owners how to use the social media to achieve business growth and visibility for those that want to do it themselves.

You can also create courses like online marketing guide and sell them online and offline at your seminars.


A recent report state that we currently have over 300 million young people in Africa of working age who have no jobs and by 2030 the figure is set to double. Every year in Nigeria, millions of graduates join the labour market, struggling for the few available jobs hence, we also have under employment on our hands because the few that are able to get the available jobs do not have the luxury of choosing what they really want, they have to make do with whatever is available. This is why studies have shown that apart from the hospital, the work place is the most unhappy place for people.

Whether you are unemployed, underemployed or your job doesn’t give you that sense of fulfilment, maybe you just need a source of extra income; creating the business you love is getting way out. You just got to make all the money you want doing what you love and fulfilling purpose.


Written by NaijaRoko

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