Scientists reveal what our world will be like in 2050

All of us, at least once in our lives, have started thinking about what our future will be like, what we will do in a year, or where we will be in a decade. But have you ever wanted to know what will be of our world in 40 years? Thanks to research and new technologies, experts already have some estimates of what awaits us in a few decades.

GONews conducted an investigation to discover what things will change in the future, and how human life will be transformed due to technological and scientific advances, and wants to share with you the information we found.

#1 Population

The world is inhabited by more than 7.5 billion people. Reports from the United Nations have indicated that, by the year 2050, the population will reach approximately 9.8 billion. Currently, the list of the most populated countries is headed by China and in second place is India. On the other hand, Africa has a higher rate of growth compared to Europe, and it is believed that it will contribute 50% of the world population increase for that year.

#2 Climate change and extinction of animals

Within a few years, the increase in temperature will have worrisome consequences for the planet. The crops, for example, will be more to resistant to drought and floods that could occur. The production will decrease significantly and this will affect the economic aspect and the consumption of food.

Many trees will disappear due to weather phenomena and some species that live in the colder parts, such as polar bear, seals, walruses and algae, will be involved in a critical situation, by then they may even be extinct, as well as species of the tropics.

#3 Understanding the brain

The Spanish neurobiologist Rafael Yuste believes that soon we will witness a revolution that will modify the human condition because, within a couple of decades, the brain code could be completely deciphered . This would reveal the activity of the brain, where millions of neurons shoot up and connect with each other, to show the essence of the human being, understanding more precisely their thoughts and everything that happens in their mind.

This would benefit people suffering from brain problems, increasing mental capacity. This technology could be decisive for the next few years, combined with genetic editing, computing and artificial intelligence.

#4 Genetically modified babies

Through the CRISPR technology, by which it is possible to easily modify the genome of living beings, the birth of children with specific characteristics, such as height, visual capacity or eye color, could arise. Independent of physical features, one study concluded that this technique could be useful in preventing some diseases by altering a person's DNA. Currently, there have been no tests or experiments to ensure that this method is safe. By the year 2050, there is a probability of having found enough information to carry it out through this technology or others.

#5 Electric cars

By 2050, or perhaps years before, it is estimated that there will be a billion electric cars, with the intention of reducing the pollution generated by the usual engines. The cars we know now will only be part of museums and movies. From 2040, some countries will stop selling vehicles that have combustion engines and circulation will be prohibited for them.

This will benefit the environment, but will bring unfavorable factors with the jobs involved in this industry, such as taxi drivers, mechanics, car manufacturers, insurance agents and driving professors.

#6 Robots

The technology has already made many advances in terms of robotics. As you can see in a video that a Chinese company published, there are already machines that can carry out certain activities, such as unclogging a bottle with their hands, moving their fingers and holding a letter or up to 4 liters of liquid. This is possible through the imitation of the movements that an operator makes, but how far do they want to go with the robots?

By the year 2050, it may be possible for our thoughts to be stored in a robot with the development of different projects . In this way, we would be immortal, and an extension of our mind would be made when our life came to an end. We would only change our bodies, and we could even attend our own funeral to say goodbye to what has just gone and continue living as a robot.


The difference between the years that people live in rich countries will be less and less with those of low-income countries. In 2017, life expectancy at birth was 72 years. In a few years, it could increase to 77, and in developed countries to 85. In some cases, if you live a healthy life, man could live up to 120 years, due to the advances that medicine will have. Third-dimensional printing, methods for discovering cancer and other resources will make it possible to take early steps to benefit health.

#8 Other lives

There have been many attempts that have been made to discover if life exists on other planets. An expert on the subject commented in an interview that, by probability and statistics, it is certain that by 2050 there are already discoveries that prove the existence of other beings, although it is not very similar to ours or as we imagine it in our head . He pointed out that it is a matter of looking in the right places and doing a review of what has already been done, because NASA has already found other planets that are very similar to Earth.

#9 Cell phones and Internet

Technology is one of the fastest advancing sciences. Over the years, we have witnessed the evolution of the devices we use every day. Maybe the cell phones will not stop existing, but they will have an evolution. Maybe they are smaller, with flexible screens and a stronger battery, having the opportunity to charge them via Wi-Fi.

It is estimated that within 20 or 30 years, not only cell phones will be smart, it is possible that many of the objects around us, such as shoes, lenses or cars, can be useful to send data, being connected. This would be possible through the " Internet of Things " trend, the proposed network that will change the world.

#10 Cancer

Scientists have searched for a solution for this disease for many years. After so many advances in technology and science, it would be logical to have the possibility of finding a remedy for people who suffer from it.

Researchers have found a way to turn cancer into something chronic, through a treatment that would last a few weeks and would be much cheaper than those currently on the market. By the year 2050 the discovery of a total cure could be expected, if the drugs really fulfill the functions they promise.

What other changes do you think will come to transform the planet in 2050? Which of the ones on the list did you find most interesting? Tell us your answers in the comments.


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