This incredible 'V' shaped airplane will change the way we travel and reduce pollution

The shape of this airplane is inspired by Gibson’s Flying-V guitars and could help reduce pollution. According to KLM airline, this may be how the future of commercial aviation will look like.
The emission of huge amounts of carbon is a serious environmental problem and companies from different industries are looking for solutions to reduce pollution in the air. A group of researchers, funded by the KLM airline of the Netherlands, created the design of this new aircraft that saves fuel.


This model was made by members of the Delft Technology University, supervised by Peter Vink, professor of applied ergonomics and design at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. The prototype is already under construction because it is expected to make the first flight test in October 2019.

Thanks to its aerodynamic shape, it is assumed that this aircraft can save up to 20 percent fuel consumption. This will help reduce carbon emissions in the air and could be the first of a sustainable aircraft initiative, according to the CEO of airline KLM, Pieter Elbers.


Another advantage of this plane is that it could increase the number of passengers to 314, which would take the place of the empty space that has the wings of a conventional plane. The V-shape also opens a new world of possibilities in terms of interior designs, but that is still to come.

If everything goes according to the calculations of the designers, this plane could become the most modern way to travel.



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