About Us

JuicyLinks is an independent digital publication with the aim of covering, reviewing, researching, testing and reporting technology, business and digital culture.

JuicyLinks was founded in 2015 by Ezekiel O. Asemah as a network of blogs focused on different publishing niches, including technology, film, television, music and cars.

In 2018 our model evolved towards the unification of a single publication that combines the best of those publications.

Today JuicyLinks has established itself as one of the digital media with the most growth and influence in Nigeria, located at the intersection of technology, business and digital culture.

JuicyLinks has commercial offices in Nigeria, Ghana and UK, and in addition to standard advertising, it offers branded content and social media solutions.


We offer advertising solutions in different formats, display, branded content and personalized campaigns, always working very closely with our clients and agencies.


Display advertising, related content and programmatic widgets. We work with our clients to develop creative and personalized advertising pieces.

Branded Content

Our branded content is first class, we are proud of the content for brands that we produce and we want to connect our audience with the brands that trust us.


We work closely with companies that want to develop an editorial line that tells better what the brand does, that creates an audience and gets much closer to its customers.


Are you a company or agency and need to send information about your product, service, or press release? Write to
juicylinksmag@gmail.com and our editors will see your mail.

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