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Daniel Ehiagwina

Daniel Ehiagwina graduated from the University of Benin in 2014 with a degree in mass communication.

As a communicator, he believes that when there is no freedom, creativity suffers. So when allowed to explore writing ideas, he is able to create engaging contents that are creative, informative and educative. He's a writer, editor, voice over artist, motivator and a life coach.

He is passionate about a lot of things. You have to really know him to find that out, but you can a little, through his writing. In his free time, he enjoys reading, watching movies, listening to music, playing games and networking.

You can reach him through his email: or follow his twitter handle @DanitopsTintank

Develop a sense of urgency…

Whatever you have decided to do to move forward, Do it now!


Ants are phenoms…

Ants are interesting creatures of nature. Studying them up close is like getting immersed in phenomena. They reel you in, into their tiny world of possibilities without flinching at the gigantic sphere of our human existence. They are tough as nails, as you’d discover. They don’t give up […]

The power of alignment

The power of alignment is crucial to achieving one’s goals in life. You may have heard the words…”Nothing stands in your way when your stars align.” But then, even when they do, are you prepared for their glistening, glowing grandeur? How you invariably align your thoughts, commitments, reactions, […]

Wearable Technologies That Improve Lives

Technological innovation is changing the way things are done in the world daily. In all fields of human endeavour, technology plays a huge part in our activities, business operations, health, leisure and so on. As humans, we’re always looking for ways to create new frontiers that open up […]

Man-made Laws That Bite

Roadside traders and hawkers struggle daily to survive by defying unfavorable weather conditions and hazardous circumstances – health and otherwise. In their small way, they contribute their quota to the development of the economy at large. At nooks and crannies, you see them marketing, advertising their wares for […]