Wholesale buying is complicated. Aboolu makes it easy.

Now you can buy wholesale products at 45% to 95% margins, safe in the knowledge they are already selling successfully and in quantity on and at up to 20 times the price you pay., is Nigeria’s largest online business-to-business trading platform for small businesses looking to sell their products at wholesale and Buyers who want to buy fast-moving products to sell in their stores.

At Aboolu, we have a huge product range with new products arriving weekly and are experts at discovering up and coming trends and must-have consumer goods that can quickly develop into profitable crazes.

We only sell products that we know are fast-moving lines that will generate a high profit margin for our buyers, based on our extensive retail knowledge and experience.

[Know exactly what you are buying]

For each product, you get the full wholesale information in one place: price of good per unit; sample enquiry, shipping cost, minimum order quantity; how much it sells for at leading online retailers; market traders, and sales agents; and how big your profit is going to be.

[We made wholesale buying very quick and easy]

It’s as easy as 123:

1) Spot the wholesale product you want

2) Place your orders and get the suppliers contact information

3) Get it, sell it, profit!

[You buy directly from wholesalers/producers at the lowest prices]
We work around the clock to unearth profitable wholesale deals for your business, saving you months of costly research and directing you straight to the profits.​

[Sell to thousands of local and foreign buyers]

Our buyers are as diverse as our product ranges and includes Independent Retailers, Online Retailers including Jumia and Pay Port sellers, Market Traders and Cash & Carry Stores. We are also a platform for direct Nigerian wholesale supplier to a wide range of commercial sectors including Education, Hospitality, Leisure; including Event Planners & Amusement Centres, Charity, Catering and Offices.