Rihanna reacts to the stupid ad posted by Snapchat

  Snapchat has become the center of a bitter controversy this week because of a very tacky ad posted on its platform. The ad asked users if they preferred to whip Rihanna or punch Chris Brown. The popular singer has now accused Snapchat of “intentionally” shaming victims of […]

​Six banks pitch for Airtel Africa IPO

About five to six banks are believed to be pitching Indian telco Bharti Airtel on a potential listing of its Africa operations . The unit could be worth around $ 6 . 6 billion . Airtel has a presence in over 15 African countries. Sources told TMT Finance that requests […]

The great Stephen Hawking has died

The world is in shock, we just lost one of the most important minds of all time. Professor Stephen William Hawking has died at 76 years of age . So far, the cause of his death is unknown but he “died peacefully at home during the early hours […]